Thursday, May 15, 2008

[Update 12/17/10] Georgie Porgie, Pudding Pie, Kissed The Nation Made It Cry

*Never be bullied into silence.
Never allow yourself to be made a victim.
Accept no one's definition of your life.
Define yourself.*
*Harvey Fierstein

Denial Is Not A River In Egypt

(title taken from a shirt sold in a poster store on 8th St. between 6th ave and 5th, Village, NYC)

Georgie Porgie, Pudding Pie, Kissed the Nation Made It Cry
When we all came out to say "YOU'RE AN IDIOT"
Georgie Porgie ran away.

A Letter To: George Bush
From: An Extremely, Passionately, Concerned Citizen

What the hell are you doing? This is the most Botched, badly managed war I have ever heard of!

First You Lied. You told the American People that the war in Iraq was progressing to the point where we would have peace soon. That was HOW MANY 3(?) YEARS AGO?

1. Then,You're not even taking proper care protecting our troops!
I can see the vehicles you have them riding around in, all look like Vietnam war surplus. Slap a little armor on those old tanks, "the American public are distracted", they won't notice. But I did!

These kids need the proper armored vehicles to protect them. Why haven't these been provided years ago?

Why don't our troops have the necessary equipment for Survival?

2. Word on the street is, that the LIFE EXPECTANCY of an INFANTRY SOLDIER OR MARINE in Baghdad, is ONE WEEK.
It's said that they *ARE: *MISSILE-MAGNETS*

Your probably not even feeding them good either!
This looks like a rip off all around.


Missile Defense System

3. Get these kid's in Iraq and Afghanistan those *Trophy anti-missile systems TODAY and everything else they need too.

4. You had Saddam, why has it taken 5 more years to train the Iraqi People and make them self-sufficient.

Then there's a whole lot of talk about corruption,going around

You may be named after the "Father of Our Country", but apparently you can tell a lie!

Are you really a puppet of "Corporate America"?

Why are you sacrificing these beautiful young heroes at the alter of "Big Business"

Be a man George, stand up to all those special interest groups in Iraq and tell them the party's over. That from TODAY on America's TOP PRIORITY is to take care of our TROOPS.

These young men and women joined the Service in order to serve their country. You lured them in with flashy recruiting ads, some meager enlistment bonuses and promises of dubious G.I. benefits.

They may just be Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen to you.

But To The American People they're Our Children, Our Grandchildren, Our Brothers and Sisters, Husbands and Wives, Uncles and Aunts as Well as Our Mothers and Fathers and most of all they are OUR HEROES and PATRIOTS! *****

The American government has a responsibility to provide our troops with the best equipment and resources needed to succeed!

Heck the war is costing enough. Where is all the money going?

Taking my advice would be wise George, because your name is rapidly becoming
"Mud Pie", to the American public.

Soon, you will no longer be President. You'll just be an average citizen like the rest of us. Then what will you do, when nobody talks to you anymore.

One more thing George, While I have your attention. Why do you keep sending our troops out on search and destroy missions? STOP DOING THIS!

Get our guys the proper armored vehicles immediately and stop making them "Missile-Magnets" because the vehicles are not properly armored. No more army surplus with some armor slapped on.

These kids need proper vehicles, not recycled junk that otherwise would be rusting in government warehouses, if not for the convenience of the war in Iraq.

One last thing George,
it seems like awfully bad form to prosecute and imprison a veteran for pushing for PTSD benefits.

Note to Congress, Please make sure our troops get these armored vehicles immediately! This war has cost the American taxpayers a fortune already and we don't even have the satisfaction of knowing that it is being used to protect our fighting men and women.
Buy armored vehicles. not bombs!

The American people are starting to lose confidence in all of you and definitely have already regarding the White House.

Show the American people that we still have a DEMOCRACY running this government!

Just get and supply our troops in the middle east with as many armored vehicles and ant-missile systems as they need to be Safely Protected from incoming missiles.
Appropriate the money. Use it to give our troops a fighting chance!

*Our troops are the worst outfitted army I've ever seen!

The American public is anticipating a quick and intelligent response to this issue by you all!

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[Update 12/17/10]
So george, Are You Still Hearing War Chants In Your Sleep?
The Only Way To Get Them To Stop Is For You And Your People, To Bring Every One Of Our Troops Home Today! Do Not Leave Even One Person There!
Starting with Iraq, Immediately! We don't need the damn oil!
Let These Countries Settle Their own disputes And affairs!
The Iraqi Govt should be well trained by now, and leave them plenty of ammo!
Forget about the poppies in Afghanistan, Drug Education Is The Answer!
I told you this!

*War Dance*


Chief Crazy Horse