Sunday, April 6, 2008

Peace For Israel and Palestine


December 27, 2008 Has To Be An End On All Sides!
There Has To Be A Peace For Israel and Her Neighbors,
And For Palestine And Her Neighbors, Now!
And Yes, For All Those Warring Countries in the world!

No One Is Winning!
Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

to talaban and alqaeda, come out with your hands up, Now!

I'm reading today's news about the Hamas offer of a six month truce.

Also about Israel's doubts concerning it's truthfulness.
I don't know. This is a situation where even I am speechless.
I would not want to say give it a try and then have Hamas not keep their word.
But I also would not want to say don't do it. After all Hamas might really be ready to put the past behind them.

The Palestinians don't even have food. They have to depend on food deliveries from the U.N., this is bad! That's how it was in Europe after World War II. For many years.

Palestine is a nation that really needs Peace. It's dumb to fight and starve. Nobody wins with war and violence.* One would think that the world, would have grasped this concept by now.

The Palestinian, Israeli conflict is a terrible tragedy on both sides!

I absolutely feel for all involved.
All the violence is so unnecessary.
Why can't Israel and Palestine to live in Peace?

But of course Peace is not free and those who have been displaced must be compensated. Everyone should profit.
Fair, equal rights for everyone involved.
There has to be some fair agreement that everyone can come to.
The violence has gone on for too long now!

When we were children my mother used to tell us, "two can't fight if one won't".
(A very annoying saying,in my opinion).

Of course the world's situation is much more serious than a childhood dispute, but I would think that the same principle would still hold true.
Peace, Peace, Peace

Both sides should grow up and think of the many innocent people caught in the middle of this argument!

The leaders of the entire world need to have a big conference at the United Nations and nobody gets to leave until the issues of World Peace, Poverty and Human Rights are settled!

No one should be starving, (as many are) in today's world!
There is too much money out there. The privileged people of the world, have a responsibility to help the less fortunate ones!

Until the world is stabilized regarding poverty how can there be Peace? But I think that with the proper interventions and Peace. (*Let's just try it*),
"we" can feed and take care of every person on earth!
I don't know what to say to Hamas, except, are you for real this time?
Maybe they are. Prosperity is so much better than war!
Good Luck, Israel and Palestine I Know that you can work out a lasting Peace!

Peace Now!