Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Reflections To Our Troops In Iraq & Our More Than*58,000 Brothers & Sisters Whose Names Are On The Wall

I'm new to finding out about the atrocities that the Bush administration have been perpetrating against our American Military, the Iraq'i population, as well as everybody else in the world that they have chosen to do it to.
I have an excuse*

Marine Corps Cadences Marching song
You know they do! Only kidding, I love you guys!

In May, 2000 I got hurt. I tore my left rotator cuff and hurt the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th vertebrae in my neck. I was in agony for years. The first two doctors a gp and orthopedic did nothing, didn't even give me pain medications that helped the pain.
Then they sent me to a neurologist who tried every synthetic opiate on the market. Was severely allergic, made my skin burn and my hair fall out. After almost a year of torture he put me on the duragesic patch. Did nothing for the pain. Then he switched to the duragesic that I suspect also contained Ibprofin, which I'd told him, many times I was allergic to.

There is an evil force in the world. It took me out first because it knew I would be one of the people who would give it a fight!

I got so knocked out I slept for two years.I kept telling him (and he could see) I was having a severe allergic reaction but he kept ignoring me. Telling me I was crazy that it was the same patch as the first five prescriptions he'd given me. (2.5) I'd made the mistake of asking him if he could give me a higher dose. The patches are all marked the same, but I went from being alert and in pain to unconscious as soon as he gave me the next prescription, seems suspicious to me.
Finally I threw away all the medications and fired all my doctors. Now two years later, I'm walking better and in some pain but not like I was.

I've been having a long distance relationship with a Marine (Vietnam Vet) for 30 years, strange as it sounds (he follows me everywhere), looks at me and runs). That's how shell shocked he is. He loves me, but he keeps running away from me. He's afraid of me.
He wasn't afraid of the vietcong. But me, he's afraid of.

I am going to do everything in my power to stop this genocidal Bush administration from doing what they did to my generation of young men, to any more young Americans.

Growing up during the 60's my generation has seen the evil that the American government is capable of perpetrating against it's own citizens and others.
We fought them all the way then and we'll fight them again!

I think that if George Bush and the Republican Congress, who back him are so tough, they should all suit up and go over to the streets of Baghdad and show us how brave they are. Yeah, right, like that's ever going to happen.

I'm calling all the hippies to join in this revolution and stop the war in Iraq Today.

So now you know a little about me. I couldn't figure out where all the Hippies and Yippies went.* Now I know where they are, on the internet. Yay!

Show your gratitude, thank a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman or Merchant Marine near you today.

Please Send a Dollar Or A Donation To
Operation Gratitude
16444 Refugio Road
Encino, California 91436
You Got it Kiddo. Anything You Want.
II Love You All

Have as good an Memorial Day as is possible under the circumstances.

Peace, Love and Harmony