Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peace Now - For My Father Sam Atkins The Most Big Hearted Jew That Ever Lived

Dear Dalai Lama,
Welcome To New York City And America

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Note to Russia

Peace Please!
You can barely support your economy now!

Seizing more land, makes no sense at all. You'll just have more people you'll be responsible for!
Please stop making war, with Tibet and other of your satellite countries.
The world is in Chaos Again and we need powerful countries like Russia to Lead with a Good Example.
I know, you guys know, what's, what after you all lived through World War Two!

Soviet Empire

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Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI)
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Since its establishment in 1991, Chernobyl Children’s Project International (CCPI) has delivered over €76 million in direct and indirect humanitarian aid to the Chernobyl region.

CCPI aims to restore hope to the people of the Chernobyl-affected region. We continue to deliver relevant projects and programs by maintaining strong links with many international and Belarusian agencies and organizations and by then adapting and changing the work that we do according to the changing needs of the children, the adults and the communities we work with. This process of ongoing communication informs all of the work we do and allows us to closely monitor and evaluate our programme and project delivery.

Update Nov. 2009

What was I thinking?
Note to israli govt and palestinian authorities, hamas

This has to be the end of the fighting. If you people want to fight. Go out into the desert and battle it out.
Knock yourselves out.

Really, December 27, 2008 Was the final straw!

The World is watching you both and expects you to act like adults and come to some kind of Peace Agreement immediately.
And we expect you both to adhere to it!
No more baloney!

For the past couple of days the poem Children Learn What They Live(by Dorothy Law Nolte, has been on my mind.

This is the story of the Arab Nations in the Middle East. Throughout history they have been invaded and brutalized many times. So they have learned to hate.

Americans didn't do it. And the very few Jews that were even there were treated just as badly.
The history of the world, is a gruesome subject!

This is the year 2010. Everyone is sophisticated nowadays.

It's time for PEACE, no more fighting over what happened in history.
The time has come to stop all the tribal disagreements.

They are all Abraham's decedents So it's like one big family feud going on.

The Zionist Jewish people want to live in Israel.* They do have an Historical right to be there,
Although,I have no idea why anyone would want to leave the comforts of American life just to live in such a hot, sandy piece of nowhere.*
It's gonna take a lot of work to reclaim that desert*

But who's fault is that?
America's and every other country in the world that turned them away during WWII when they were trying to escape from Hitler!
Literally sent them back to be murdered!

Come on, no wonder they felt they needed to build a new world, even from a wasteland. Besides the British government offered the land to anyone who was willing to settle it.

The Jews didn't just steal the land
as so many historical revisionists would like people to believe.
The British did have a habit of selling or giving away land that didn't belong to them.

The Palestinian People Also Have An Historical And Legal Right To Live In Israel, As Much As The Jewish People Do!

It's not fair to starve them and taking away their homes.
This Time It Is Stealing!

Without monetary compensation that is stealing.
One of the Ten Commandments-Thou Shalt Not Steal!

But that was a long time ago, 60 years. Now the problem is how to stop the violence for everyone's benefit.


Israel Information Directory
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I'm 58 years old and I remember a lot about history.
What I don't remember, my older sister does. She's 79 and remembers living through it.

Let's try to get it together World!

Common sense would dictate that:
We're only going to achieve Prosperity through Peace

I appeal to all sides in this affair. You are of a noble and ancient race.

You were the first great thinkers.

The rest of the world learned to think from you.

The Cradle of Civilization

Try To Get Along. Try to find some kind of agreement that will end all this useless violence.

Mikhail Gorbachev