Friday, March 14, 2008

Why Me? Dedicated To The People Of New York City All The Responders & Everyone, Everywhere, Affected By War, Violence, and Injustice

Please Send a Dollar To
Operation Gratitude
California Army National Guard
17330 Victory Boulevard
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Martina McBride God Bless America

I grew up in a little town very close to New York City.
I lived in lower Manhattan for a few years.
New Yorkers are really great, generous people.

The day the World Trade Center was attacked; I heard the second building get hit. It sounded like a very muffled thud.

to al qaeda, Why us?

THIS IS NOT A HOLY WAR! The People at the World Trade Center were just innocent noncombatants. They never hurt you!

Those Firemen, would have rushed into a burning building to save you!
They wouldn't have cared what nationality or religion you are.

I knew some of them.

The Port Authority Cops. would have taken a bullet to protect your life.
I knew some of them too.

Do you really believe in God?
What do you think,he thinks about all of this?
Do you think he approves?

(Update November 2009) What was I thinking. Of course, God is just a front for you. Like the women and children you use as shields.

You started all this . You think you're smart just because some of you went to fancy colleges all over the world! You bunch of cowards!
Well now your surrounded and your real master, has given you over
It don't take a weatherman to know which way the wind blows!

You do not know anything about Americans or you would know that we do care!

When bad things happen to Muslims I feel bad.
When bad things happen to Jews I feel bad.
When bad things happen to anybody in the world I feel bad.

I think that it's stupid and counter-productive to fight
I'm always talking about Peace bringing prosperity.

Illustration: Israel and Palestine
A fortune could be made in Tourism. Every Christian wants to walk where Jesus Walked, every Jew wants to visit the Temple Wall and every Muslim wants to pray In the Mosque up on the Holy Mount.
People from all over the world would flock there..
I'm talking big money. As much tourism as they wanted. Private enterprise = A Lot Of Money.
Big Hotels, the works!

But the only people that are gonna see the sights, are the ones that are stuck living there. (Update 2009) And they don't even wanna be there.
You people are a mess. You all need to grow up. Seriously

I Am not an Infidel because I am not a Muslim.
Race Hatred is Dumb. We all belong to the same Human Race.

Why am I the enemy because I am different than you?

Ironically, hypothetically speaking, your God is my God.
Allah is God, same God as in the Bible, Allah is his name spoken in Arabic.
Same God, different names.

This is all I have to say to you. I wouldn't spit on bums like you.
The End, Bye, Bye

Cat Stevens Beautiful, Such a Sweet Man
*Peace Train*

It's Time The World Stopped Fighting!
Justice* and Peace