Friday, October 4, 2013

♥Free Toys From Marines Toys For Tots And ♥ How To Promote Your Non-Profit Event

I know a lot of people have heard of Toys For Tots. But I wondered how many people know; [how to get toys, from Toys For Tots]. 

Need A Toy(s) For Your Children? (Free)

Marine Toys For Tots, Will Accept Applications For All Toy Requests From October 1st Until November 30th, 2013.
Frequently Asked Questions

Search for a site near you. Select A State Request Toy(s) Select your State in the Find Your Local Campaign box. (If your area is not covered, contact the nearest coordinator to you and ask how they can assist you).

Click on the City/County nearest your location, and a Local website will appear and on Top of the page the Request Toys button will be there or on the right hand side of the website, the request for toys button will be there.

Click on the Contact Us button, top right and local contact information will appear. You may then call/e-mail the local TFT coordinator

Fax (703) 649-2054 Contact Toys For Tots.

Toys For Tots Native American Program For Information Contact
Peter C. Tagni, Lieutenant Colonel, USMCR (Ret) Coordinator
Toys for Tots Native American Program
Laguna, California Telephone 1- 949-364-5531

Need A Toy(s), Get A Toy(s). Got A Toy(s), Give A Toy(s). Sounds Good To Me.

Toys for Tots E-Updates Updates on the latest Toys for Tots news and updates throughout the year.

Links For Our ♥Marines All Our ♥Troops And ♥Veterans

♥Okiciyap A food pantry and youth program on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation

Find info in your state about incorporating your nonprofit organization and charitable activities.
State Filings For Nonprofits State Forms And Information.

How To Promote Your Non Profit Organization

How To Promote Your Non-Profit Event

Form a committee to promote the event. Discuss ideas of how to promote without spending a lot of money.

Food Items Sell Best. I Found This Site. Fundraising Assortments

For Craft Fairs OTC Direct, Inc Craft supplies for kids and adults, scrap-booking supplies, beads for jewelry making, Sunday School crafts, stickers & more!
I have no interests in either of these companies.

Also, Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $400 million since 1996. You can earn cash for your child’s school by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. Box Tops also offers easy ways to earn even more cash for your school online.

Join Box Tops Online – It’s Easy & Free

Box Tops Program

When I was 11 years old, I used to sell Christmas And All Occasion Cards, etc. door to door. This is no longer practical and I looked for a decent wholesaler but the all occasion card business isn't what it used to be in 1961. Although you could google Wholesale Christmas All Occasion Cards and see if anything appeals to you as good for fund raising sales.

Decide how much you can spend on advertising and what is available for free. Produce fliers and distribute them. You can mail them out, post them on bulletin boards or hand them out.

Make tickets that you can sell for the event. Many people will buy tickets, even if they are unable to attend the event.

Submit the event information to any and all community calendars. Generally, there is no charge for this service.

Use the internet to announce the event.
If you send an email to your friends and they send an email to their friends, the word will get out to a lot of extra individuals.

Ask local businesses to sponsor your event.  If they provide the money, they can write it off as an advertising expense and you can promote their generosity along with your event.

Publicity For Your Organization & Event
Publicity goes hand in hand with promotion, but it also goes a step further. 
Radio station and local television promotions reach the greatest audience.  Contact program directors about running promotional messages and the possibility of broadcasts from your event. 

Take lots of pictures during your event. These will make great press releases and thank-you mementos for sponsors. 

Always, always send thank-yous to your sponsors and promoters.  Send them directly to the sponsor and put thank-yous in the local newspapers.  Not only will it give your event more publicity, it will show your sponsors your appreciation of their generosity. 

Keep your organization in the news. Send press releases every time something happens in your organization, no matter how trivial it may seem. The more you get your name out there, the more people will rally around your cause.♥♥♥

Recycle With Terracycle. Creating Green Jobs In The USA Videos Channel

Get 2 Cents For Your School Or Charity
For Each Drink Pouch, Cookie  Or Candy Wrapper, Etc. You Send To TerraCycle
TerraCycle Pays All Shipping (all) Costs.

Terracycle Inc Website
121 New York Ave. Trenton, NJ 08638
Phone: 609.393.4252
Fax: 609.393.4259 I have no interests in this company. I just think It's a good deal for Charities.

♥This HanukkahAdopt A Bubbe or Zayde For Your Loved One's In Their Honor. It's A Gift They Won't Want To Exchange!

Action For Post Soviet Jewry
24 Crescent Street Suite 306
Waltham MA 02453
PHONE (781) 893-2331
FAX (781) 647-9474
Assisting Jews in the Former Soviet Union since 1975

The Adopt a Bubbe (or Zayde) program reaches out to elderly Jews and the handicapped in Ukraine and Belarus.

"Action" recruits coordinators who know their Jewish community, and asks them to find the most vulnerable Jewish retirees who need help. Many live on their own in poor conditions and some are unable to leave their homes.

With "Action" funds, coordinators purchase and deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and meats directly to their homes. When needed, "Action" has also provided eyeglasses or hearing aids, a lamp to read by, or coal for heat in the winter months.

One could almost say that; Action For Post-Soviet Jewry, works with clients one shovel or one fresh chicken, or one pair of eyeglasses at a time.

I have no association with this organization. I just think it's a great charity.

Peace And Justice