Saturday, July 16, 2011

Organize For Peace! There Has To Be A Solution, To Save The People Of America!

My Home Town! unfortunately
Bayonne man remains in coma after brutal mob attack, 9 arrests made to date
Dawid woke up for ten minutes,

Donations can be made by contacting (201) 747-4362
, or at,
Fundraiser for Dawid Strucinski

Team Dawid
Benefit For Dave New Jersey
Dawid is so strong and he is going to be in rehab next week. It is amazing how fast he is recovering. Any Ideas Or Questions For Events? email For Ideas Or Questions -
Thank You all again!
Everyone is working really hard and this has already made an incredible amount. Keep up the great work & Thank You for contributing!

Everyone, Please Stop Warring Amongst Yourselves!
Divide and Conquer, one of the oldest tricks around!
Man is killed in Newark's third shooting in four days

Too Many To Count African American Heroes!
Individuals From All Walks Of Life, Whose Work Should Help Others To Remember That It Is Possible To Make A Difference!

Organize For Peace!
It's The Division Of The People That's Screwing Up Everything!
One People, With One Goal. To Make Their Lives Better!

We Really Need To, And Will Be Able To Save The Children Coming Up!

Organize, Structure, Tolerance!
Make Your Own Peace, Don't Expect The Man Or Anyone, To Do What's Good For You.

I Care About All Of You, And I Want You To Succeed At Having A Good Life!

Peace And Justice