Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Children Learn What They Live

Children Learn What They Live by Dorothy Law Nolte

Get Food
Second Harvest Food Bank is a non-profit agency that collects and distributes nutritious, high-quality food to help people who cannot afford to buy groceries.
Low-income people of all ages are welcome, regardless of immigration status. Every food recipient is treated with dignity and respect.

Please Send A Dollar To
Second Harvest Food Bank
of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties
Administrative Office
750 Curtner Avenue
San Jose CA 95125

Individuals and Families
Call Food Connection at 1-800-984-3663.
The call is free. The food is free.

Get Food

To Get Free Food And Other Social Services

Dial 211

Food Pantry Locator

If You Can't Feed A Hundred People, Then Feed One.
Mother Teresa

Liberty Science Center
Liberty State Park
222 Jersey City Boulevard
Jersey City NJ
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Please Send A Dollar Or
A Donation To
The Riverside Church
Stewardship Office
Attn: Peter Zehren
490 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027
1 212 870 6715
Harlem Riverside Church
Special Programs

Social Services

I've been really busy consulting with my muses and shaping my blog up.
It's ready for visitors. So have a good time and send a dollar to one of the charities.
What a bargain! A gizillion music videos to view for a dollar!

Long list huh. Thought provoking. when one considers that the basis of our personality is formed in childhood. Besides the fact that some people never grow up.

I remember the 1964 World's Fair.
The theme was Peace through understanding. Immediately the Vietnam War broke out!

Although I wanna be the person, who goes over the hill first, screaming Stop!
We can't let bad people kill the world!
There will be a peaceful solution. Maybe not today.

How dumb are these world leaders?
It is now the year 2009.
The political world leaders have no more excuses of, we didn't know any better.

I seriously suggest, (for the sake of their own prosperity) That all the nations of the world think about human rights, Everywhere.

In Iran, In Africa, In Palestine and Israel, in China, Russia, Britain and America too. And all the other places in the world I'm not politically savvy enough to be able to name.

These countries have to make up their minds that Peace is the Only answer.

It is really time the whole world wakes up and realizes that peace is the solution.
It is the only road to prosperity.

Maybe with a little encouragement things may change. They may still hate us, or not.
My advice is "forget who you hate, do what's best for you". Don't let emotions cloud your better judgment!

Only time and diplomatic intercession will tell if the Promise of Peace will be kept.
The U.N., is where all these countries should settle their difficulties.
I know that the civilized way to discuss grievances is in the Boardroom, not in a street brawl.

There's Revolution in the air
Just like in the Sixties.
President Obama said that every American's voice is important and that we should speak out on important issues. He said that together we can change the world! Sounds good to me Pres. You're the best!

Three Of My Favorites From Blog-spot Writer let them eat cake

Secretive behavior is highly extremely unattractively antisocial.

There's always an ulterior motive.

When at the threshold of an emotional breakdown, always ask yourself the question:"So what?"

Love and Harmony