Sunday, March 3, 2013

For President Obama and Family You're all Beautiful!

I Want To Tell President Obama That He's doing A Great Job!
I heard that he likes good music. Another thing we have in common.

I know he's on a Mission to bring the world into the 21st century.
the world seems to have lost our ability to communicate with each other!

And that I'm fired up, I'm ready to help the world change their lives.

George Orwell called it in his book 1984. He even gave us a time frame. It wasn't hard for him to imagine this book. His world in Europe was already like that.
It is a new world today. Although it has been very oppressive out there even after the enlightened thinking of the sixties!
The hippies came and went, they got tired of being bludgeoned to death Literally But while it lasted we did good.

We made a dent in the politics of the time. And with the help of teachers, like Dr. King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and many others, who paved the road for us, my generation left our stamp on History.
It can happen again we just have to get people educated. Education is the key to success. Knowledge is Power! If you control a Persons thoughts you control them!

Art and literature are the road map for the development of mankind

The more you read the smarter you get. It's a scientific fact. It stimulates the brain and helps it grow.

We all learn from each other. I'm no brain, but I've seen and read about life. It gave me a foundation to base my opinions and actions on. Experience is a great teacher but It takes too long. An education teaches one about the experiences of others. And Art; well Art, is what brought the world out of the dark ages. and music is the history of the world!
Change will happen. You are the kind of President who can bring this about because you are very well educated. Knowledge is Power!

I just wanted to say that you and (Delaware) Joe, (I love Vice Pres Biden, I'm from NJ so I know how cool he is) are doing a great job!

I know you are an honest man! I can see it by looking at you. I'm old, I've been around. I've seen everything, I know a lot. I don't live in La La Land! I know the streets. Ran them long enough. I want to help today's kids because there is absolutely no reason they should be shooting and killing each other.

Ok if they don't like school your idea of a year of vocational training is brilliant. Everybody has some talent. Something they excel at. The trick is finding and developing it! The young people of America are our future and too beautiful to die young from unnecessary things like drugs and violence!

Good luck with the medical coverage plan. I think that the public option, giving people a chance to get coverage from companies like Blue Cross is a great idea. By the time it is finished, you will work out something that makes everyone happy.

I know that you took this job; not for glory or money, but because you wanted to help people! You know that American's really need good medical coverage. Anyway it costs more in the long run if people can't afford to go to a doctor. They just get sicker and need additional care.

On Inauguration day you told everyone that you loved us. Thank you so much.
I've never had a President who said I love you before. We love you back, President Obama and Family

Right after you first got elected, I had a dream that you, Michelle and I were standing on a side street off Ocean Avenue in Jersey City, NJ
You said, You must come to dinner sometime.
I knew then that you all are caring, down to earth people!

We Love You too, Vice President Biden and Family You're the man!

Doctors Without Borders
Field News
P.O. BOX 5030
Hagerstown MD
Phone: 1-888-392-0392

This is a really good charity. They're tough too*
(I was reading on their Web Site how a group of them were being chased by guerrilla's somewhere in the world). These are good doctor's. Not like some on the street are; where a Second Opinion is always necessary!

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Pres Obama A Good Sport Referenced from A Kossack at Daily Kos State of the Nation.

Pres,I Heard You Like Bo Diddley.
Rock n' Roll

My Song

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