Sunday, October 20, 2013

♥For All My Friends And Everyone Getting Married In New Jersey/Marriage Equality, Long Overdue♥

You are all entitled by law and the Constitution, to the same rights, benefits, and privileges that everyone has.

Ignore ignorant people. Too many rigid, ignorant people out there.

Marriage Equality is about love, yes.

Although, Marriage Equality is also, very much about equal rights. It's about couples; (often with dependent children), who pay plenty in taxes, having equal protection under the law.

Pensions, health  care etc. Having equal rights, so their loved ones can be taken care of.

Same thing anyone, anywhere wants.

The Supreme Court has spoken. It's now the law. I'm so happy for everyone.

♥All The Best To Everyone Getting Married♥

Planning The Wedding

This Is My Gift To Everyone.

OTC Wedding Catalog Everything Needed, For A Perfect Wedding, (favors, and much more). Two Hearts

I have no interests in this company. I am just a customer for many years and their products are fabulous. 

I have no connections to any of these companies. I just tried to find the best links for everyone.

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Love To Everyone