Thursday, July 4, 2013

Note to drug dealers, invest in real estate instead of dope.

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This is a sincere post. Written in the Spirit of the Fourth Of July.

I am impossibly stressed out, continually, reading about all the crime, in New Jersey and all over the US. I've been like this for years.

Being from the inner city and having grown up in the sixties, I know whats going on. They can't fool me. I was about the last generation that was given a half-way decent education.

So; in the grassroots spirit of America's founding entrepreneurs; I say, drug dealers need to get into legitimate businesses. It is so feasible and applicable everywhere. Plus; no guns, no cops, plenty of product since the housing mortgage bubble collapse.

And/Or start your own small (legal) business.

Knowledge is Power!

Housing Prices Still Very Low Properties To Buy Still Numerous!
Don't Pay Rent To A Landlord, pay the money to yourself!
When You Own Land You Have Political Power.

People don't have to fight over the chump change that you get from dealing with the illegal stuff.This isolates you and keeps you poor.
It gives society a excuse to deny you what they owe everybody.

The opportunity for many people to own land, buy at its truer value, is right there!
There's still a lot of property out there that's begging to be bought up cheap!

The difference between the rich and the poor is, the rich know how to do it.

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This advice is for anyone who can scrape up a down payment and mortgage. Get a well built and well taken care of, small 3 family building, with a store or two. One apt to live in 2 and a store to rent and pay for it all. Simple formula. Then continue on that concept as much as financially possible. Look for quality rather than quantity. It doesn't take much property to make money.

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Dept Of Labor

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They don't call it dope for nothing